Our school's tagline--"create, learn and thrive"--describes the building blocks of our program and the roles of our three co-founders.

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The Create domain represents the study of arts and creativity at City School of the Arts. 

Our work in the Create domain has two parts. All academic classes are taught using the arts and creativity to boost student engagement and achievement, and all artistic classes are designed to build connections between artistic and academic content. In addition, all sixth graders study piano three periods a week, all seventh graders study visual art and dance, and all eighth graders focus on a specific artistic major (theater, dance, visual art, or piano).

All students participate in Ensemble, an additional elective, where students may study artistic offerings such as dance, visual art, journalism, theater, winds or percussion. Other options include running track or participating in the student leadership committee. CSA has partnerships with The Juilliard School and Educational Alliance, ensuring that students receive quality artistic instruction.  In addition, our annual whole-school musical is directed, designed and produced by students.

Co-Founder, Artistic Director, Dr. Geoffrey Kiorpes