Humanities, taught daily in 120-minute blocks, integrates ELA and Social Studies through the study of art forms and primary sources in literature, history, and modern culture. This integrated approach supports Common Core Learning Standards in reading and writing, and aligns with Engage New York curriculum maps for work in Social Studies.

Our Math curriculum follows Pearson’s Connected Math Program (CMP3), an innovative, problem-based approach that helps students master complex mathematical skills by connecting concepts meaningfully to their own lives. Our teachers integrate elements of the visual and performing arts to further deepen student engagement with this Common Core-aligned curriculum.

Our Science curriculum will draw on Full Option Science System (FOSS), a research-based Common Core-aligned curriculum that emphasizes writing for science. Students will have an extended two-hour lab period and a dedicated period of “Math and Data Analysis for Science” each week. As in all other academic subject areas, the arts are integrated to bring learning alive even further.

Assessments at City School of the Arts measure students' development in the areas of academic skills and content, progress toward grade-level proficiency, achievement in the arts, and socio-emotional competencies such as self- advocacy, communication, and collaboration. We employ a balanced variety of assessments, including written self-reflections, arts-based portfolios, essays, projects, artistic performances, teacher-created exams, and standardized tests.

Finally, we are dedicated to supporting all types of learners. Our primary model for serving students with unique learning needs is Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT), which means there are two teachers in one classroom: a general education teacher and special education teacher. The best ICT classrooms make it hard to tell who the general education teacher or special education teacher is because they work in concert to meet the needs of all students in the room. In addition to ICT, we offer Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETTS) with a variety of specialized supports in small settings depending on the needs of our learners.